UnCleaner 1.3 – The Unnecessary Files Cleaner

برنامج UnCleaner 1.3,تحميل برنامج تنظيف الملفات غير الضرورية x32,The Unnecessary Files Cleaner ,برنامج UnCleaner 1.3 x86 x64

UnCleaner 1.3

UnCleaner is a solution to get rid of all unnecessary files and folders stored on your computer, doing to slow down and crashes

•Clean all unnecessary files with Smart Clean technology, the time of cleaning may be less than 1 second, is an instant cleaner

•Instant file analysys on the window opens
•Low system resources usage in the logon or manually
•Kill the files for ever
•Specific file reporter for all files to delete
•Task Scheduler for all users and all computer, every logon, the system is cleaner, if enabled, the computer will faster
•Clean the temporary files for all users, including the limited and protected accounts
•Will clean only the unnecessary files, never touch in other files, Internet Explorer and other temps not will be deleted
•Show an specific summary, with your temp classification
•Installed for all users
•Run in all users every logon
•Simple and Complete installer / uninstaller

Wngine will Clean
•Windows Accounts temp files, for All Windows Users

•Windows LocalApplicationData Log Files
•Windows Updates downloaded files
•Windows Downloaded Installations
•Windows ReportQueue Log Files
•Windows Prefetch cached data
•Windows Installer temp files
•Windows Narrator temp files
•Windows DataStore Log Files
•Windows Shell cached icons
•Windows Shell cached files
•Windows Updates temp files
•Windows System32 Log Files
•Windows *.tmp stored files
•Windows Offline Web Pages
•Windows Cached wallpapers
•Windows Root Log Files
•Windows Wbem Log Files
•Windows Cached folders
•Windows WER Log Files
•Windows Recent Files
•Windows Temp files
•Windows Log files

•If enabled, every logon, the application will make an complete cleaner in the system, without affect the boot time, is after logon

•If the temp files is cleaned every logon, other cache files will be generated in the computer use, for the next boot with faster with solid cached files
•Will notice an Speed-UP in the boot and logon

I’m still with some temporary files
•This is files not has been deleted by this application, probably used in the other application or in the system, you can reboot the system and try the clean again

•An Scheduled is advised in this case

•Windows 8

•Windows 7
•Windows Vista
•Windows XP Family
•Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family

* All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems
* Requires .NET Framework v3.5
* This is software has been tested with all listed versions many times, never will brick any system or program installed

Latest Release Changelog

v1.3 [2011/12/26
– Added the clean of

Windows ApplicationData Subitems Logs
Windows Msdtc Log Files
Windows Performance Log Files
Windows Microsoft folder Log Files
Windows WINSAT Log Files
Windows Panther Log Files
Windows ServiceProfiles Log Files
Windows Drivers inf Log Files
Windows Recycle Bin

– Solved the Scheduler problems with Windows XP
– Working with .NET Framework v4.0 engineering
– Optimized the File Report open and load time
– Reworked the analysis and clean engine
– Solved the Unauthorized Exceptions
– Removed the recent files cleaner
– Improved the internal core code
– Improved older OS support
– Improved the CPU usage
– Using faster methods
– Cleaned all modules

Download UnCleaner 1.3

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