Total Commander 7.56a Vi7Pack 1.85 Final

برنامج Total Commander 7.56a Vi7Pack 1.85 Final,تحميل برنامج إدارة الملفات وتصفحها بشكل رهيب,برنامج Total Commander 7.56a 1.85 Total Commander

Total Commander 7.56a Vi7Pack 1.85 Final
Vi7Pack uses a popular file manager Total Commander, includes the best plug-ins and additional software for easy and convenient operation, while having a small size. Vi7Pack designed to trifles. In the Vi7Pack is a style icon Vi7, others can be found in the package TC IconsPack v3. The installer is built using Inno Setup. The Vi7Pack is optimized to work on: Vista, 2008, 7, 2008 R2 – x86/x64

The content of the assembly


-Total Commander 7.56a
-Enhanced and standard menu
-TweakTC 6.0.3 sr3
-AkelPad 4.5.0
Plug-AkelPad 29.10.10
7z SFX archives divider
Rar 3.93 x86/x64 -Startup 2.8.3
Impomezia Colors
WinDjView 1.0.3
NoClose 1.2

Plug-ins for working with archiveswcx

Bzip2 1.5
CHMDir 0.40g
InstallExplorer 0.9.1
ISO 1.76
MhtUnPack 1.0.1

Plugin displays general information

AudioInfo 1.4.3
ShellDetails 1.22

Plug-ins to view information about files and the files themselves – wlx

FileInfo 2.0.10
Font 0.09
IEView 1.0
Imagine 1.0.8 31.07.10

Plugins Imagine

7z 0.0.3
Alz 0.0.2
HDPhoto 0.0.3
HV3 0.0.1
JPEG2000 0.0.2
Lbm 16.0.17
RAR 0.0.2
ListDoc 1.20
Mmedia 2.4.6
Office2007 0.0.4
ScrList 1.0
SWFView 1.3.4


Keyboard combinations
Built-in commands

Description of programs and plug-ins included in the assembly

Total Commander – file manager
TweakTC – tweaker, designed to configure TC with no change in the configuration file manually
AkelPad – versatile text editor with support for multiple plug-ins
7z SFX archives divider – a tool for division SFX archives to produce an archive 7z, configuration file and the module SFX
Rar – external archiver
Startup – a program to control startup
Impomezia Colors – utility for management styles, colors file panel
WinDjView – allowing the program to read formats. Djvu and. Djv
NoSlose – utility replaces the standard from TC, to launch the console application without closing the console window
7zip – Work with archives of 7z. .7 Z
bzip2 – Working with archives bz2, bzip2, tar.bz2, tar.bzip2. . Bz2,. Bzip2,. Tar.bz2,. Tar.bzip2
CHMDir – Work with references formats. Chm and. Itss ability to create, retrieve, delete. Chm,. Itss
InstallExplorer – Work with the formats. Exe and. Msi installers Inno Setup, NSIS, Wise Installer, InstallShield and others with the ability to extract the contents. (. Exe,. Msi)
ISO – work with disk images with the ability to view and extract files and folders. (. Iso,. Bin,. Nrg)
MhtUnPack – work with the format. Mht with the ability to retrieve images, styles, css, page html. Mht,. Mhtml,. Msg,. B64,. Uue
MultiArc – Working with archives, due to external archivers. Rar,. Zip, .7 z,. Cab,. Bz2,. Gz,. Tar,. Uha
AudioInfo – display information in tooltips for audio files from the tags. Mp3,. Wav,. Ogg,, aac,. Ape,. Mpc,. Flac,. Cda,. Wma
ShellDetails – display information for files, using all fields of the Explorer
ArchView – show information about the archives. Rar,. Zip, .7 z,. Cab,. Bz2,. Gz,. Tar,. Lha,. Lzh,. Ace,. Arg
Excellence – view spreadsheets without OpenOffice Calc and MS Excel 97-2003.Xls,. Csv,. Ods,. Dbf,. Pxl,. Slk
FileInfo – View information about executables and libraries. Exe,. Dll,. Sys,. Com,. Cpl,. Dat,. Ocx,. Tlb,. Tsp,. Vxd,. Acm,. Ax,. Rs,. Ime,. Iec,. Rll,. olb
Font – viewing and working with fonts. Fon,. Ttf,. Ttc
IEView – web browsing. Htm,. Html,. Mht
Imagine – view and edit any images with your own plugins. Bmp,. Gif,. Png,. Jpeg,. Jpeg,. Ico,. Cur,. Tga,. Tif,. Tiff
ListDoc – Image text documents without MS Word 97-2003. Doc
Mmedia – play any audio / video files from codecs and libraries in WMP. Mp3,. Wav,. Ogg,. Aac,. Ape,. Mpc,. Flac,. Avi,. Mpg,. Mpeg,. Mkv,. Mp4,. Mov,. Flv
Office2007 – Image text documents without MS Word 2007/2010. Docx,. Xlsx,. Pptx,. Ppsx
SCRList – image viewing system prompts for the monitor. Scr
SWFView – view flash files.Swf

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