Maxprog MaxBulk Mailer Pro v8.3.5-BRD

برنامج Maxprog MaxBulk Mailer Pro v8.3.5-BRD,تحميل برنامج Maxprog MaxBulk Mailer 2011,download Maxprog MaxBulk Mailer 2012,برنامج إرسال البريد الالكتروني الجماعي
Maxprog MaxBulk Mailer Pro v8.3.5-BRD

MaxBulk Mailer – a full-featured software for composing and sending emails. With this program, you will be able to send out customized press releases, price lists and any text or HTML documents to your customers. The program is distinguished performance, ease of setup and use. Allows you to work both in text format and HTML, allow you to stylize the text of the document, and also has full support for attachments. This e-mail client will allow you to increase sales, improve the quality of your service department, as well as allow you to enter new markets. The program has easy to use multilingual interface with support for Russian language
Email marketing is becoming more and more popular worldwide because of its high efficiency, speed and low cost. If you want to inform your target audience and successfully sell products or services, the best way – is to use e-mail newsletter mailing to potential customers. Target individual letters – this is certainly one of the most effective ways to improve awareness of your brand and increase your profits. Company Maxprog has created unique software for ease of email marketers. MaxBulk Mailer allows you to create and send to potential and regular customers professionally composed letters to e-mail, reducing costs to a minimum. Deliveries can be performed directly from your computer

Key features

“Send in the format of the text / HTML to ensure that the recipient of the letter will look like on your computer “Support” Drag and drop the work lists mailing text and address
“Convenient features imports and exports addresses, user-friendly program
“Improved handling of user lists, processing of clipboard
“Powerful text-formatting functions
“A preview function before submitting
Full support for international characters – 36 different encodings
“Support for multiple mail accounts
“Standing header X-Mailer SMTP, to avoid spamming
“Application Support . – Base64, UUEncode, BinHex, AppleSingle and AppleDouble “Full control, thanks to SMTP log file
Full support for POP, APOP and ESMTP authentication
“Letters can be sent simultaneously, by groups, as well as individualized, through the use of tags
“Custom tags for mail
Mail scheduling – Mail delayed delivery

Features of the professional version
Styled text support – Bold, italics, underline, color, font selection
“The use of conditional expressions, depending on optional tags value
“20 additional labels for a more accurate identification
“Ability to process tags in subject
“13-time tag formats – full date and a brief date, abbreviated date
“The possibility of simplified selection / deselection of the recipients on their grounds
Recipients directly from Filemaker – Mac OS
Full support for Applescript – Mac OS
Manager of hyperlinks. Allows you to add a hyperlink with a click
“Full support for databases, mySQL and postgreSQL
“Support for a secure connection SSL
“The ability to use multiple servers
“Support the fields Cc, and Bcc



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