Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 v.11.0.4964

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5,v.11.0.4964,Lite x86/x64,تحميل ادوبي فايف دريم ويفر,اس فايف,برنامج Adobe Dreamweaver CS5,download Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 .11.0.4964

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 v.11.0.4964 Lite x86/x64

Software Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 – an advanced development tool and edit the Web site based on industry standards, which allows you to create projects for desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices in the visual mode and using the code.

Support CSS3/HTML5
Design by panel CSS, which now supports the new rules CSS3. Presentation of the “Design” is now supported mediazaprosy and uses a variety of styles as you resize the screen. Create code for todays web sites using the technology HTML5, using the handy tips on the code and visual presentation “Design”.
Integrating jQuery
Add sophisticated interactivity with code hints for jQuery. jQuery – industry standard libraries javascript, which allows you to easily add a variety of interactive elements on Web pages. Quickly create Web sites using templates for mobile phones.
The original Android applications and supporting iOS PhoneGap
Create and link the original application for the Android ™ and iOS with features PhoneGap. Convert existing HTML code in the application for a mobile phone in Dreamweaver, using the framework PhoneGap open source

Integration with Adobe BrowserLab1, 2
Take a preview dynamic pages and local content through a variety of viewers, diagnosis, and comparison. Dreamweaver supports integration with Adobe BrowserLab, an online service, Adobe CS Live, designed for quick and accurate test web content in various browsers and operating systems

Operating System : Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Released : 2011
Language : English / Russian
Medicine : Sew
Size : 123.70 MB

Download Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 v.11.0.4964 Lite x86/x64

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