HitmanPro 3.6

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HitmanPro 3.6

Hitman Pro – this is the best multi-core anti-virus scanner-system “in the cloud.” Scanner designed to detect and destroy malicious programs. Hitman Pro feature is that it uses when checking the databases of other applications to detect and remove spyware (Ad-Aware SE Personal, Spy Sweeper, Spybot Search & Destroy, CWShredder, SpywareBlaste, Spyware Block List, Sysclean Package, SuperDAT VirusScan) .

The signatures of databases are not on the computer and the server program. All scans Hitman Pro performs in the “cloud”, and constantly uses the Internet connection, ie check for malicious objects is not on your computer and the server software, which loaded the files to check.

The program automatically checks for updates and comprehensively scans your system for the presence of spyware. There is an expert mode that allows the user to check memory, hard drives and system registry for viruses, rootkits, etc. The author of the program warrants the most malicious software program that is sometimes falsely triggered some antivirus programs.

he assembly 131 updated inner white lists.

Changes in HitmanPro Final:
Hitman Pro is now called HitmanPro. On Twitter use # HitmanPro.
NEW: Added Scanning for Malware Remnants.
This new feature scans the File System and Registry for common malware related paths (files, folders, keys). The Remnant Scan combines a multi-threaded local scan with cloud based confirmation. In 3.6.0 we are detecting only a few hundred remnants; more will be added to the cloud in the coming weeks. We are still fine tuning the tooling on the backend.
NEW: Added new Scheduler to allow scanning Daily, At Startup, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun at specific times. The scheduler is a process called hmpsched.exe.
NEW: Shell integration by using a Shell Extension which adds an icon to the context menu and also allows multiple selected files to be scanned.
NEW: Added ‘Goto location’ to context menu to highlight the file in Windows Explorer.
NEW: Added ‘Show information’ to context menu to expose more internal information to the end user. Tip: the information can be copy-pasted.
NEW: Added third opinion scan using VirusTotal.
To use this feature you enter your personal VirusTotal Public API Key on the Advanced tab under Settings.
NEW: Added detection for files signed with weak Authenticode signatures (RSA 512-bit keys).
NEW: Added chevrons to highlight items in the result list that are running [PID] or start by [Run], [Service] or [Driver].
NEW: Added detection and repair for the HOSTS file that was altered by malware.
NEW: Added / clean command line switch to automatically quarantine and remove malware.
NEW: Added the option to disable the automatic upload of suspicious files to the Scan Cloud.
IMPROVED: Cloud Assisted Miniport Hook Bypass.
IMPROVED: Detection and removal of Sinowal, Mebroot rootkit.
IMPROVED: Removal of TDL4 (and variants) on systems where Boot Configuration Data (BCD) was persistently malformed by TDL4. Removing TDL4 from those systems could cause a non-bootable system (BSOD). HitmanPro now repairs BCD before removing TDL4 (or variants).
IMPROVED: NTFS Parser to work better with heavily fragmented files.
IMPROVED: Direct Disk Access now always scans using the lowest possible level.
IMPROVED: Firefox and Chrome cookie scan.
CHANGED: For regular users Early Warning Scoring (EWS) is no longer available from the Next button. Expert users can re-enable the EWS scan mode on the Advanced tab under Settings.
INFO: 3.6.0 is currently only available in English

Information about the program
Year : 2011
File Size : 6,5 MB / 7,4 MB
Activation : The trial version 30 days
Language : English / Russian
Compatibility : Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/64

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