Nokia PC Suite v7.1.180.46

Nokia PC Suite v7.1.180.46
Nokia PC Suite – utiltita designed to work with mobile phones of its own production. Nokia PC Suite combines a variety of options to do the following operations: synchronize your mobile phone and computer (supported by work with the IR port or cable), “fill in” a cell phone pictures and phone calls, phone book editing, install different game Java application, see multimedia messages, use the phone as a modem (if supported), etc. For owners of Nokia, this program – a real find
  : With Nokia PC Suite you can

• Manage your device calendar in a calendar viewer Nokia Communication Centre
• Create and delete contact groups on your device, and add and remove group members
• To receive notification on your PC when battery power is low on your phone
• Calls start to receive incoming calls from the Nokia Communication Centre
• Save your battery by disabling the device in the settings of notifications of calls, SMS and battery level

Year : 2011

OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Language : English

Size : 38.7 MB Freeware

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